Cliff Kuehn, A San Francisco Trademark and Copyright Attorney

Quite simply, trademark and copyright law has fascinated me intellectually since it instantly gripped my attention during law school (a first at the time)…and never let go. I understand this probably sounds quite nerd-ish to the general population, and so be it! This blog is written for those who are interested in how intellectual property laws protect (or harm, depending on who you ask) individuals, businesses, and society as a whole.

I am a young intellectual property attorney with my own firm in San Francisco, on a (understandably seemingly overambitious) path towards building a reputable firm which delivers the high-quality work and bandwidth of a “BigLaw” firm, but treats all clients like important clients. Currently, I assist individuals and businesses on entity formation, provide preemptive legal support on intellectual property issues, and advise clients on how their intellectual property rights can help them increase and protect revenue.

Thank you for visiting my newborn blog, and I hope to provide future visitors with quick, interesting, and relevant thoughts on trademark and copyright law!

– ck


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