TMeye Cafe is a blog about typical and atypical legal issues which marketing and branding professionals will encounter, especially in the digital world. Emerging media technologies are full of opportunities to get your brand out, but it can unfortunately be a zone of legal anarchy as well: new data privacy laws with steep fines, 3D printing models being taken down from file-sharing websites, and websites portraying your brand in an unfair light are just some of the issues which the legal community as a whole have not come to agreement on.

As the owner of Kuehn Law, I stay updated in this area and write this blog to provide useful information to small business owners, creative professionals, brand managers, and other lawyers whose clients need specialized knowledge. I determine “usefulness” myself on the basis that I wear many of those hats, although being a trademark lawyer is my main profession. But let me know if something else would be useful to you; I genuinely want to know what your issues are and I strongly encourage comments and emails.

As a branding and trademark lawyer I protect businesses from unlawful infringement of their hard-earned brands by helping brands register their trademarks, planning intellectual property strategies, and knocking on the email doors of the people who misuse your brand to confuse your or your client’s customers on the internet and in mobile apps. I also help artists understand the rights they have in their artistic works and advise them on creating and protecting their income from their art.

To find out more about what I do for my clients and what I can do for you, you can send me an email (ck@cliffkuehn.com) or visit my firm’s webpage at www.trademarkeit.com.

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